Walk a mile in these shoes…

Designers really hate us this month…or perhaps they just feel for those among us that are vertically challenged. 10 inch heels have broken through to the other side. And here we thought the Heidi Klum photoshoot with twelve inch heels was just a fluke. Looks like we are headed that way folks. Here are three shots from the latest shows in Paris. I am in love with the Hermes heels but if you know anything about me by now you will know I am generally in love with anything Hermes throw down the runway. Alexander McQueen…well I wish I could say the same but there is nothing but fear presented in these shoes. Not to mention the fact that all I can think about everytime I look at them is an anteater.  Not exactly a nice match for fashion.  And Chanel, well I will just say this…I have never met a man that liked any form of clogs so if you are wearing these shoes don’t expect too much attention from the opposite sex.

Just a little history – how can you expect normal people to walk in these sort of shoes when trained professionals have trouble?


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