Absolutely nothing to wear

Maybe someone can explain the phenomenon known as “having nothing to wear regardless of the fact that I own more clothes than the combined wardrobes of some small towns.” That isn’t an exaggeration. I have so many items of clothing that my closets are transatlantic. I have three closets in three different cities. So explain to me why I have absolutely nothing to wear! This is ridiculous. This evening I stood in front of racks of clothing and threw clothes on sofas, my bed,  the floor and any other surface that could support the weight of dresses, jeans, sweaters or shoes. And I couldn’t put anything together. It was like losing the ability to speak properly. I couldn’t express how I wanted to look. And, sadly,  it doesn’t end there.

I’ve been shopping a lot lately, looking for clothing that would be good additions for premieres, parties or general events and I have come home sans shopping bags. I can’t remember the last time that happened. I can’t decide if it’s me or the fashion world that is going through a rut. I am just not inspired by anything. Keeping in mind that I get in crazy mood swings with my style I have come to expect these little spurts of blandness. But it seems as if this is a mighty long draught in the creative portion of my mind. So the outfit of the moment, that is keeping my afloat, is a standard pair of black leggings, brown over-the-knee boots, a crisp white shirt and a gucci jacket. It’s boring, boring, boring! I can’t even find my usual inspiration in the blogs.

Yes, I am having an off day,  a very off day. Just had to get it all down and share. It’s a bad fashion day and no one can save me. Send me McQueen, Karan, Lauren and Lagerfeld. I need immediate medical attention. Any words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated!


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