Cruisin’ through life….

She’s graced the cover of several top magazines, both in the United States and abroad.  She’s been photographed wearing some of the world’s top designers by paparazzi that follow her from the moment her heeled foot steps out the front door. Annie Leibovitz has even done a photoshoot with her.  It’s rumoured that over $25,000 a month is put aside for her wardrobe. And now it is her fashion sense, even more so than her two uber-famous parents, that is putting her on the map.  All this before the age of three, go figure!

I give you Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom-kat. Her most recent press coverage, or latest controversy to flare up with this little family, seems to be that of Suri out on the town in heels.

I know we all used to run around in our moms heels when we were younger (hell, I think even boys tried on the heels to see what the attraction was to this little gems for women….although they will never admit it).  So is it wrong to take the game of dress up a step further and allow for a child to play such a game in everyday life? The only heels I have ever seen on a child previous to Suri have been at beauty pageants and we all know how those type of events attract the cream de la cream (yes, I am kidding here people). But you know I am not too sure that we wouldn’t just smile and say “how cute” if we say a “non-celeb” kid walking down the street in the same shoes.  The spotlight has been on Suri since she popped out. I believe a picture of her is infinitely more valuable on the street than that of her mother, Katie Cruise, or father, Tom Cruise.  It wouldn’t surprise me if by the age of five she had a personal stylist and driver to take her to the shops.

Just as I wrote that I came across a great truth. Are we not all so focused on Suri Cruise because we would have given anything to have such a glamourous start to life ourselves? Trust me though, there is no reason at all to be envious. If only the world could come to terms with the fact that all the attention we are putting upon this poor child is going to end so horribly. Only time will tell and I hope for the best but I do believe fashion is for later in life. As a child you should be a child. You should climb trees and come home with mud all over you from exploring. You shouldn’t be walking around in $1,200 dresses, paraded like a circus animal for all the world to enjoy.


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