Daily Mail Claims Creme de la Mer is a rip off

Well the Daily Mail is making some pretty big problems for Creme de la Mer this week.  They are publicizing the fact that the uber-expensive pots of miracle cream costs only 5% of the asking price to create. 

Well, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Everything is marked up in retail so why make a big deal of it now? Of course even the journalism here is a little shady and covered by the following quote, “‘Ultimately, of course, only the manufacturers know exactly what the recipe is, and how much their ingredients cost.’ That’s just another way of saying,  we don’t know exactly what we are talking about so we will throw this in just to cover ourselves.

Funny that no other brands were studied and that this was just a shot at the Estee Lauder owned skincare range. Could it be that someone was unhappy in not getting any free samples from the beloved brand? Sorry darling, but even the celebs have to shell out for this stuff and I doubt they would continue to do so if it wasn’t one of the best skincare ranges out there. Bad, bad, journalism!


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