Dressing up in Forever 21

I truly love Forever 21. I don’t buy from the store but I love what it does for fashion. This is a store that is inexpensive enough for every teenage girl to experiment with fashion and not worry about the pieces falling to shreds (as they will inevitably do after half a dozen washings).  When you are younger you are not as concerned about the feel of fabrics or the quality of stitching. You want the latest and greatest in trends. I am actually a bit saddened that I have become a quality snob as it forces me to cancel out shopping at places like Forever 21 or H&M.  But these stores deserve a lot of praise for what they allow for creativity and expression. My good friend’s daughter was showing me some of her recent purchases from Forever 21 yesterday and I decided to go online and see what I would recommend for my own offspring, should I have a young teenager…Here’s what I came up with..
Paris Excursion Cardigan $19.80
Cropped Bonjour Paris Tank $14.90
Chain Trim Boucle Sweater $34.80
Love NYC Tank $14.90
Graceful Peacock Feather Dress $24.80
Preppy Chic Sweater Tunic $24.80
Crochet Trim Sweater Cardigan $24.80
Striped Double Knit Skirt $8.50


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