Breaking News: It is a very sad day in fashion, Alexander McQueen committed suicide

Dear Readers,
I have some very sad news to report. It was reported, nearly thirty minutes ago now, that Alexander McQueen committed suicide last night. I can barely type. To lose such a wonderful and creative mind is such a blow.  I can only imagine what must have been going through his poor mind.  For those of you that knew McQueen you will know how close he was to Isabella Blow, the lady who is very much responsible for McQueen’s great success from the start. Isabella committed suicide in 2007. McQueen was severly crippled by the loss of Isabella Blow in his life and some say he never truly recovered.
Say a prayer for his family. I can only imagine their pain at this moment.
We’ll report more as we hear it.
RIP Alexander McQueen – one of the world’s greatest fashion designers


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