Crystal Renn walks the catwalk in the wrong Mark Fast designs

Alright, before I go on a little tangent here let me make two things very clear. I think Mark Fast is one of the greatest design talents we have in London at present date. His designs are completely original and absolutely fantastic, which of course is why he has been talked about nonstop since his last catwalk here at LFW. Secondly, Crystal Renn is a model that I have a great deal of respect for. I’ve read her autobiography “Hungry” and watched her on catwalks for years with a tinge of pride in my heart for what she has accomplished for the “regular” sized girls in the world.

Now onto that tangent I was talking about. I will say this first….some of Mark Fast’s designs were not meant for girls that have anything other than perfect bodies because of the way in which they cling to every single lump or bump.  These two dresses that Mark Fast placed Crystal in to walk down the runway look like a total disaster. His dresses are meant to emphasis curves, I get that. I love that he has put normal women on the catwalk in an attempt to open the public’s eyes to the reality that we are modeling our clothes on size zero waifs. But there were a dozen other designs in the show that would have suited her to the ground. Why these? Why pick these dresses to try and convince people that you design for every type of woman? 

There is, at present, this great worldwide debate on the size of our models on the catwalks.  Well, designers and stylists, you aren’t going to convince the world that we need to put bigger models on the catwalks when you make them look like tubbers.  Even in V Magazine and Glamour, which have recently embraced the “plus size model”, the models are either shown naked with lumps of flesh on display or in outfits that don’t flatter the body at all but rather emphasis a large ass.  In V Magazine’s defense, however, they did manage to put together one photoshoot that perfectly addressed the debate in which they dressed a size zero model in the same clothes as Crystal Renn and displayed them side by side. Crystal did in fact look better than the size zero model! Now THAT is what I call a successful campaign to convince the masses that beauty can be found in other sizes. Could it be that was the first stylist that actually believed in trying to change the size zero sample size? 

I will leave it at that and accept that it will take a great deal of effort and cooperation to change fashion from a size zero to a realistic world.  It is doable…it only took a few years for the sample size to decrease three sizes to the present size zero. I’d like to see the Cindys, Lindas and Elles back on the catwalk….there has yet to be a supermodel like we had in the eighties for the notties.  


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