A designer love affair may have come to a temporary end…

We wait for one show every year….and if it is the only show we ever see we would die happy and retire to fashion heaven. Two-thirds of the items in our closets come from this designer’s shop and one third of those clothes we have had for five years or more.  Who is this designing genius we worship? It’s none other than the great Ralph Lauren.  

His fall show at New York Fashion Week left us with, well how shall I phrase this….”mixed emotions.”  The entire show seemed to be a mix of designs showcased before in Ralph Lauren lines. We were very excited by this prospect of design renewal in the beginning as for four decades Ralph has rarely taken a step in a wrong direction when it comes to design. His finger has always been right on the pulse in fashion.  In fact some would say he IS the pulse in fashion. 

Floral skirts and dresses ruled the runway with heavy layers identifying the look as fall rather than late summer florals. If you look back at the textiles Ralph has used previously you will find that these are terribly familiar…. and I for one love it as I have two identical dresses hanging in my closet. I am sorted for fall. Ha! 

We also say the classic tweed tailored jackets, with a new updated puffy sleeve.  The embellishment began mid upper arm which is perhaps not the most attractive placement for a woman who is trying to camouflage her arms, not draw attention to them.  This new styling in the sleeve was not a step forward, we believe it was a step back.  It was almost as if Ralph was trying too hard to buy into the emphasized shoulder. You can’t be Ralph Lauren and follow trends. It just doesn’t work. 

Everything just felt a little heavier than usual this year. Usually RL can achieve a fantastic slimmed down look on the model even with five layers piled on…something was off. Don’t even get me started on the trousers that looked like jodhpurs and harlem pants had mated and produced offspring.

We were not loving the velvet, but as we’ve said before this is a personal thing and to each his own when it comes to preferring one fabric over another. We just can’t help but think of a fortune teller looking into a crystal ball whenever we get within ten paces of a velvet coat or dress.

We all agree the sweater coats looked absolutely amazing. They were elegant, moved well on the catwalk and had a great air of luxury to them.

The gowns were a disappointment. They looked disheveled and thrown together.  The only nice trend rework was the use of the long lace gloves, madonna style!

However, the last jacket to make its way down the runway, a sort of sweater coat bolero with wide arms and a huge lapel that could nearly double as a hood, is one item we won’t be going without next Fall!

Sorry to have to write such a horrible review of the show. We were so very let down and anyone that knows us knows we are addicts or Ralph Lauren. We believe we singlehandedly keep his Bond Street Store in business in London!


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