An education in Alexander McQueen.

After the news of Lee (Alexander) McQueen’s death was made public I got a call from an old friend who’s life was equally touched by the designing giant. We took a trip down memory lane recalling our favourite moments from catwalks that dated back to 2001 and spoke of our feelings of great loss after such a tragedy. I was sure everyone in the fashion world would feel the same way. 

Then I got another call. This one was from a young intern working as a PR Manager for a brand that shall remain unnamed.  She was perky and excited about promoting her product. I had to apologize to her and explain that I was still shaken from the shocking news of the day. It didn’t feel right, speaking enthusiastically about fashion when our Godfather had just taken his life. The young thing on the other end of the line said, and I quote, “Isn’t he the guy that did those awesome camel looking shoes with, like, seven inch heels or something?”  

Bless her, she’s new to all of this and so many girls today were just pre-teens when McQueen gave us his first Parisian catwalk in 2001 – a display that changed the fashion world forever.  It got me thinking and I made a deal with the young PR. I told her I would show her what made McQueen, “McQueen.” 

So instead of sleeping last night, I stayed awake and flipped through every season of Alexander McQueen, going back as far as 2001.  I put together a look book of sorts to email to the young PR, and have copied it below for anyone that was curious about the great talent we are now without.  Flipping through his back catalogue was like visiting with old friends. 

I was a youngster when Lee McQueen’s first catwalk was brought into the public domain and I was transfixed by his designs. As a young girl his world was so magical for me and it was the start of a lifelong fascination with fashion. I want as many people as possible to understand why the fashion world is mourning as we are. If you were ever lucky enough to attend one of Lee McQueen’s shows you would understand that Lee didn’t just send models down a runway, he put on a theatrical production from glass houses to carousels to models dancing down a runway. 

Take a moment, and share this if you can, to look back through the years of McQueen and his wonderful  visions which I have compiled below. This is, of course,  a mere snapshot of his genius. But I believe it will give those that are unfamiliar with the legend an idea of what we have lost.

Enjoy and do click on the images below to view the looks in detail, it’s worth it. 





(All pictures from – they truly are the best archive for fashion online)


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