Facebook Fashion Followers…the numbers are in…

This morning WWD published a list of the “Most Followed Labels on Facebook”…can I have the envelope please, ladies?

1. Adidas with 2,338,393 followers

2. Nike with 1,819,821 followers

3. Puma with 1,343,801 followers

4. Lacoste with 1,209,995 followers

5. Burberry with 803,764 followers

6. Rayban with 772,886 followers

7. Chanel with 602,076 followers

8. Gucci with 545,994 followers

9. Ralph Lauren with 543,022 followers

10. Ed Hardy with 523,748 followers

It would appear the sneakers (trainers if you are UK based) get the most attention on the social network. I would never have predicted this but I would imagine this has something to do with the fact that both men and women are sneaker freaks whereas the big names like Chanel or geared more towards women.  It’s still an impressive turn out for the brands and a wake up call for a number of PRs in the fashion world. If your name isn’t on this list I have a feeling your Managing Director will be asking you tomorrow what you plan to do about it. Start strategizing now!


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