Marc Jacobs unwraps the best possible present at New York Fashion Week

Like two proud parents, Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy, unveiled their Fall 2010 collection last night in New York. The start of the show was like none I have ever seen before. It is runway tradition for the designer to make his appearance at the close of the viewing for applause from the masses. However, Marc and Robert took a step in a different direction this year. They started the show by unwrapping what appeared to be a giant box covered in brown paper.  Inside stood the models in garments that left us speechless. We knew Marc was good, but this takes things to a new level of superiority in the fashion world. No wonder Robert Duffy was keeping it all under his hat on Twitter. If the other fashion designers had an clue what Marc was about to present that might have stayed home this year!

Fur has been everywhere on the runway this season but none have made it look as easy, yet luxurious, as Marc Jacobs. The accent is used on formal dresses, sweaters, coats and even handbags. And speaking of handbags…we are swooning over the luxurious, exotic skins he has used for the bags this season.  This is such an incredibly tactile collection.  Yet for all the rich furs, fabrics and leathers that were used the collection is subtle in nature.  One still feels that these are clothes to be worn in a time when money is tight (although we can pretty much guess any item on this runway doesn’t come cheap) and it is better not to be flash with your fashion, hence the neutral colours in the collection. The prince of fashion and his crew have done it once again! Thank you, Marc and Robert, for a show we will not soon forget.


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