Lulu Guinness Autumn Winter 2010 Press Day

I was invited today to attend the Press Day for the Lulu Guinness Autumn Winter 2010 Collection in London. The launch took place in the Savile Club in London and as I climbed the grand staircase and entered the grand ballroom I knew I would not be leaving with anything less than a new found respect for Lulu! 

This season features the “Kiss and Makeup Collection” which was inspired by the iconic 1960’s model Peggy Moffit. Most people remember Peggy for her outrageous makeup and clothing. And who could ever forget her absolutely gorgeous enormous brown eyes which she would accentuate with excessive amounts of eyeliner and mascara?

It’s a wonder that it has taken this long for a collection to be inspired directly by such a fabulous historical figure in fashion! If there was anyone that could honour this iconic woman in the way in which she deserves it would be Lulu Guinness. The bags, purses and pouches which were presented today are all instantly recognizable as Lulu Guinness items but they have new details which make them stand out from anything she has done before. Lulu Guinness has translated the Peggy Moffit look into “bags embroidered with make-up grids and dressing tables, a bag that features a ‘Make-up Shop,’ with eye-shadow and lipstick palette embroidery setting the tone for the season.”As always, her pieces are of superior quality and show extreme attention to detail. We can’t help but feel we are holding something so special whenever we step out with a Lulu on our arm.

Here’s a look at some of our favourite pieces from the launch today:

The only sad part of seeing all of these gorgeous handbags is knowing we have to wait until June to carry them! Can we do it, ladies? We must! But make sure to get yourself into your local Lulu Guinness ASAP when the collection is released as most of these will sell out pretty fast.


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