Major Retail Vending Machines replacing the common shop assistant

One of my biggest pet peeves is having sales associates chase you around the store asking if they can help you find anything. If I need help I will ask for it. Most likely if I am in your store it is because I am browsing or I am looking for something in particular so let me do my shopping in peace and you will find that I will spend more money the more time I am allowed to peruse the merchandise on my own. So it is with great delight that I announce the “sales associate free shopping zone,” otherwise known as the store vending machine. Now most of you will have seen ipod and Best Buy vending machines such as this Sephora one, pictured above, in airports across America.  Well they must really be picking up as Zoom Systems, the high-end vending machine company behind these gorgeous machines, is getting a lot of contracts.  Their latest venture is a deal with The Body Shop. On top of that, the machines aren’t just going to be situated in airports…they are also being rolled out in grocery stores, pharmacies and other suitable locations in your everyday world. The way we are shopping is changing people….pretty soon there will be no need at all for sales associates.


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