Valuable Valli: Giambattista Valli shines at Paris Fashion Week 2010


Giambattista Valli may be suffering from some financial anxiety due to the recent crash of his funders’ accounts but his line, presented yesterday in Paris, shows not one moment of stress but rather displays a great calm and confidence one would not necessarily expect from Valli. His designs were chic and effortless and his models had the swagger of girls who knew they were wearing finely designed merchandise with great staying power. The designs themselves weren’t the only calm factors in the show. The colours and the fabrics which Giambattista Valli chose to focus on were all soft, neutral and accurately formed. Nothing was out of place or thrown together. The jackets were very precise, clean and original in design (oh and big enough in the arms to hide any bingowings the ladies might be dealing with after a stressful summer). The evening wear was absolutely inspired and we could see any one of a dozen women walking a red carpet in these looks. However, it would appear that Miss Brooke Shields might get first pick as she was there front and centre, looking glamourous and oh so young on the side of the catwalk. 


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