Viktor and Rolf cover new ground on the runway and on their models

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren gave Paris quite a show this weekend. Kristen McMenamy was the centre of attention for the show as she marched out in an outfit that must have weighed three times what she did! As she made her way back towards the start of the runway, younger models approached and Viktor and Rolf removed clothes, piece by piece, from McMenamy and dressed the other models before sending them down the catwalk to be photographed. Once McMenamy was down to nothing but a boysuit, the designers began dressing her again in reverse. It was quite the show and one which was so entertaining it was hard to pay attention to the clothes themselves. This also has to be the first time ever that the public has witnessed the designers of the show dressing their models for the whole world to see. Quite revolutionary! Everything was done to extremes. Could Viktor and Rolf be telling us that bigger really is better from Autumn/Winter 2010 or are they just being extreme to evoke a reaction for the fashion-azzi!?


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