Ever get stressed out about holding canapes and wine at parties?

We might be one of about a dozen people that are actually seen eating at fashion parties. You would think we would have mastered the art by now, however, we are constantly either spilling wine or dropping food at any given moment. We’ve never managed to get the balance correct when trying to drink and accept canapes from waiters. We weren’t sure that anyone else had this problem but it appears we certainly are not alone! Look at this little genius tool:

This is no joke! It’s called fingerfood and we are pretty much dying to try one! Will we look like idiots? Most likely the answer to that question is yes. Will these take off? Probably not. But how damn awesome are they? So clever. Sadly, people care too much about how they look to others to use such a fantastic new invention. If you see anyone using one snap a pic and send it to us! Maybe these little guys will take off and we will gladly eat our words. Until then, we give a finger salute to the great people at FingerFood for solving the problem of party multitasking.


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