Give yourself the ultimate in lip satisfaction….

I’ve become really self-conscious about my lips and how chapped they seem to get the older I become! What gives?! I never used to use lip gloss and my lips were absolutely fine. Now if I don’t have lipgloss by my side 24/7, I feel like I’ve left a long lost friend behind. No one wants to kiss someone that has horrible lips. It would be like kissing a brillo pad and where on earth is that sexy (perhaps in the same village where fat women are seen as heroes – see Jessica Simpson’s new tv show). Sometimes lip gloss isn’t enough. For example, you’ve been skiing all day in St. Moritz and your lips look like scaly bark trees! This is a time when you need something that is a little more heavy duty. Well finally someone has pointed me in the right direction for what to use for these occasions (and it’s something I use every day now like brushing my teeth).  It’s the Sweet Lips Lip Scrub from Lush. It’s like using the sugar off the rim of your frozen daiquiri glass (and yes, I have done that before). It smells amazing and tastes even better. But best of all, it makes you lips feel like babies bums! 

PS…no I did not receive any products from Lush to write this post! We just love the stuff here.


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