Karl Lagerfeld makes a diva statement with Goyard

Yes, all this luggage belongs to one man-Karl Lagerfeld. The Daily Mail reported this story over the weekend and we couldn’t help ourselves…we had to repost it. How fabulous is this man? I mean honestly….14 suitcases from Goyard! We haven’t seen this many suitcases since Madonna touched down in London last week! It’s incredible. For a man of 76 he sure does have a lot of luggage. What do you suppose he carries in those cases? All Chanel goodies perhaps? You never know when a photoshoot will require the latest and greatest in Chanel garments.  We particularly liked the fact that the luggage got its own van! Karl, you are the ultimate Diva! In case you aren’t familiar with the Goyard brand…they are a highly coveted french label that dates back to the 1800s. Here’s a kick in the guy – each trunk retails in the four figure range! More or less those suitcases cost more than a nice new car! Ah we love it.


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