Nicole Farhi Autumn Winter 2010 Press Day

Today was an absolutely manic day of press views. My office was more or less the back seat of a cab from 9am to 5pm.  Thank God for friendly taxi drivers who understand the importance of delivering you straight to the front door of your requested venue (as these four inch heels aren’t actually meant for walking). 

Out of all the views I attended today I have to say, without a doubt in my mind, that Nicole Farhi presented the best of the best.  I always have mixed emotions going into Nicole Farhi’s viewings. The PRs for Farhi are as gorgeous as any of the models that walk in the catwalks (which of course made me trade in the heels for sneakers and a treadmill this evening). And not only are they gorgeous but they are so friendly you want to ask them to be your best friends on the spot! We all know some of the PRs in this business can be absolute cows so when we meet friendly ones…we remember them! Ok, enough gushing over the ladies.  Let’s talk clothes.  

Nicole Farhi’s line for Autumn Winter 2010 is one of her best yet.  I was impressed with the runway show but I fell head over heels for the pieces when I was actually given the chance today to run my fingers over the gorgeous fur, cashmere and silks presented. Days like today are when we really get to decide if the catwalk show was just a nice presentation or if there are really some pieces that can take hold in the new season.

There were, in fact, plenty of pieces that we will be ordering in come September.  The snood, shown above, is gorgeous. I’ll be taking one personally, damn the expense! There were a plethora of coats to choose from. They were all constructed of gorgeous fabrics you want to not only step out in but also actually live in.  But who on earth is going to want to wear a coat over the gorgeous dresses Farhi gives us?

And since it has been a whole two months since the runway show…here’s a refresher on some of our favourite looks that marched down the catwalk:

I, sadly, only got to spend about ten minutes at the preview before moving on. But what I loved was that it only took me ten minutes to know that this was a collection I would be happy to promote to my readers. We’ll let you know when the pieces are in stock. But in the meantime, start saving those pretty pennies. Next season is going to be a killer on the wallet….but just imagine how absolutely fab you are going to look!

Thanks to Holly and Maddy for a great press preview!

(PS. where on earth did you get those fabulous candles in the foyer?)


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