Tell us how you really feel with Petit Bateau Talking Shirts

Everyone these days wears graphic t-shirts that make one statement or another but they are never your own statements. You are wearing t-shirts that someone else designed and more often than not there are about fifty other people walking around in that very same t-shirt. We’re original creatures here at Fashion Foie Gras and we don’t always want to say what everyone else is displaying on their chests. That’s why we love the new “Talking Shirt” kit from Petit Bateau. We get to make our own t-shirt, change it whenever we want and say exactly what’s on our minds. Hello, Freedom! And the best news is that these kits are a steal at£9! They are limited edition and will only be around until mid-may so make sure to get to your local shop (Kings Road in London for us) ASAP!


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