Tom Stogdon Private Viewing at Anthropologie Kings Road & a look at the new clothes in store

This evening I attended the private viewing for the work of Tom Stogdon, a talented sculptor. The viewing was held at the Anthropologie in Chelsea on what turned out to be a beautiful British Summer evening.  The show itself was fantastic. I could only dream of having one of Tom’s pieces in my humble abode.  Gorgeous garden cocktails were served with miniature cupcakes and cookies. The atmosphere was quite festive…in part due to the weather since we haven’t seen the sun here for what feels like years!

Here are a few pics of the pieces that were on show. However, it is worth heading down to the store this weekend for a look yourself!

Now you know me well enough to know that I couldn’t just walk into the front of Anthropologie and not go shopping in the store! So as I grabbed my bubbly and sugary sweets I perused the clothing selection available…and ended up leaving a little lighter in the wallet!

Cupcakes anyone?  Yes, those are actually cookies in the shape of wellies!!!! How fabulous is that?!

I wasn’t going anywhere without these guys!

There were so many cute dresses here I nearly didn’t know how to contain myself.

A little atmosphere for you…even the dogs get treats at Anthropologie.

Good customer service…they write your name on the dressing room door!

And that’s goodnight folks!

Thanks, Anthropologie! I’ll be back…credit card in hand!


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