Amanda Wakeley is our bridal fairy godmother

I may not have a rock on my ring finger yet but I remain optimistic that the day is not so very far off. Like many of my female friends, I have kept a file on wedding ideas now for over a century. After  receiving the press release about Amanda Wakeley‘s new wedding planning application I decided to take a look through the old folder.  What a mess…and I have to tell you that I had to throw out half of the details I had saved as they are no longer even relevant – mostly because I no longer live in America and it’s become clear that any wedding I have will inevitably be in the United Kingdom at this point.  But, as it turns out, I’m not going to need any of the old clippings anyway. Technology has changed absolutely everything…and Amanda Wakeley is leading the pack with her new iPhone application and wedding planning website

Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of stepping into an Amanda Wakeley boutique will know that her world is another dimension. It is not of planet earth. Such luxury surely only exists in parallel universes. And, let’s be honest, your wedding is a day that is like no other you will ever have. So why not team up with someone who will make that day more fabulous than any other and more luxurious than anything anyone has ever seen?

The Wedding Planner by Amanda Wakeley offers the discerning bride a comprehensive and beautifully designed online destination (as a bespoke, sign-in style website) and on the move (iPhone) to help her organise every element of her wedding. She can manage her guest list, plan her bridal calendar and keep track of her budget.  There will also be a main Planner section breaking down all the main elements for her wedding; from the dress to the honeymoon, invites to lingerie.  The bride will be given Amanda’s personal advice and recommendations within each of these individual categories; the brand that Amanda feels is the finest offering per category.  Picking her perfect dress, finding her perfect engagement and wedding rings, planning her dream honeymoon destination; the bride can use the planner to organise every element of her dream wedding. The bride can choose to use Amanda’s recommendations or add in her own categories and use her own favourite brands.   

The bride can take and add pictures to her planner, upload docs, create appointments, share imagery and ideas with friends/bridesmaids/family, add costs to her budget, add reminders to payments due… the list goes on.  It is the most comprehensive and all-encompassing wedding planner on the market, endorsed and created by one of Britain’s leading bridal designers.

The relating iPhone app will replicate the website exactly and can either be used on its own or as an ‘on the move’ partner to the website.  It will replicate all of the information and documentation the bride has gathered on the website but can handily be accessed on the move, for example at appointments and fittings.

Amanda Wakeley commented:

‘I am hugely excited about this project.  The Wedding Planner is a completely comprehensive, beautifully designed and utterly useful tool that I think will make all the difference for a busy bride organising her perfect wedding.  Gone are the days of lugging around heavy files and documents, with this tool, the bride can access all of her documents and information easily and simply in one place from her computer or her iPhone – or both – in an attractive, stylish online environment.

The tool has been developed with 10 years of knowledge and passion in the bridal industry, the idea was born from an understanding of what a modern bride wants.   I am personally recommending my favourite bridal brands to the brides within the planner which I believe will help them in making some of those difficult decisions for the perfect big day.

My brand is all about celebrating the woman – her style, her strength, her attitude.  I think this modern, stylish wedding planner does just that.’

I do think you are probably waiting for me to throw out some enourmous price tag for such a service and this is where I report the best news ever. Drum roll please….it is completely free if you want to use the website. And should you want to carry your wedding planner with you everywhere you go (which is my numero uno option)…download the application from itunes for £2.99.

Complementing the launch of the Wedding Planner, Amanda Wakeley launches at the same time a fully transactional online bridal boutique. For the first time, six Sposa styles will be available to buy at, along with a selection of alternative bridal dresses from the Ready to Wear collection. Additional styles for the Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids will also be available to view and buy in the online bridal boutique. 


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