Extreme Fashion: Tattoos

While waiting for the tube last month I noticed a girl standing next to me who had lines running up the back of her legs. I thought perhaps she had drawn them with a sharpie marker as I heard this is “the thing to do” in Camden at the moment.  I stopped her and commented on the marks on the back of her legs stating it was a genius solution to getting the 50s look without the miserable tights that are usually involved.  She thanked me, smiled and whispered…”They aren’t done with a marker…they are tattoos”  That’s right…extreme fashion at work! She had tattooed the lines on the back of her legs so she would never again have to mess with the stinky markers or clingy tights ever again! I have to give her high marks for enduring a great deal of pain in the name of fashion. But is it a good idea to embrace a trend so fully?  There’s no going back once you’ve branded yourself like that. You are forever stuck with the look.  It makes me think…when it comes to fashion, how extreme is too extreme?


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