If you buy only one shirt for the World Cup make it the EDUN Soccer Ball Tee

I am going to be dead honest here.  The World Cup is not my most favourite thing right now. I will watch England play, I will watch America play but I am sure as hell not spending my days watching every other Tom, Dick and Harry kick a ball around the field. I realize this makes me the typical “girl” but it’s true that I would rather be at Westfield shopping than in a pub watching footie.  Call me a cliche…I’m over it.  

However, when there is an opportunity for fashion and football to merge, I jump all over it and publicize it.  So when The Communications Store made me aware of a new t-shirt  from EDUN, Bono and Ali Hewson’s socially conscious and pioneering ethical apparel company, I had to share the news with you guys.  

Here’s the good and bad news.  The shirt is only available at the new One & Only Cape Town resort store called NEO.  The good news…If you plan one trip this year it should be to this resort! This is the way you deliver the news to the boyfriend…that you have to go and stay in the resort to obtain this t-shirt to support his hobby…. (or if that fails you can order the t-shirt by emailing [email protected].


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