Mamas & Papas teach me a thing or two about Maternity Fashion

Every third woman I see on the streets of London these days seems to be preggers! And I swear to God, just as I was thinking this I got an invite from Mamas & Papas to attend their Autumn 2010 press day.  Is someone trying to tell me something here? Should I be warning people that the pitter patter of little feet is not too far away?  No worries, peeps, it’s still a long ways off for me.  

I will, however, be the first one to admit that maternity fashions have always scared me.  So many women just chuck it all in and wear tents for their entire pregnancy.  They choose comfort over looks and forget that if you search you will find both available in one!  This is where Mamas & Papas come in. Their maternity line is the exact combo every woman should be looking for.  Their clothes are comfortable yet stylish.  You can still look amazing…and who wouldn’t when you have that lovely glowing, dewy skin to show off! 

Enough talking…take a look at what Mamas & Papas had to show for their Autumn line up.  You’ll see that being pregnant doesn’t mean tents at all! These were all selections that I would definitely stock up on should I ever have a bun in the oven…

One more thing before I go…you might think this all looks too good to be true and the price is what will kill you. That’s what I thought, at least. But, surprisingly, these luxury look pieces are right on point. Nearly everything is under 50 squid!


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