Shopping with men can be fun… particularly at Gucci

Turns out shopping with men can sometimes be fun, especially when the Gucci sale is on.  I went with the boyfriend to the Gucci Sale at the Royal Exchange and was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience. “Big A” needed some loafers for work and we all know that usually when men need something they grab it and turn around and walk straight out the door after their essential purchase. For women, we are different shoppers entirely.  I don’t think I have ever gone into a store and walked right back out.  And apparently I can’t let anyone else do that either.  

We went in for black brogues and we got them. But out of the corner of my eye I spotted the most gorgeous pair of loafers ever….beige with a lovely bamboo accent…the shopping trip wasn’t over.  “A” slipped his foot into the lovely supple leather and we had our very first “Cinderella” moment as a couple.  These shoes were made specially for us.  They were made for the weekend in which I bring the boy home to meet my entire extended family at our family beach house in Maine.  So into the bag then went and out the door with us to our humble abode.  And “mama” has done good.  He can’t stop wearing these guys! He loves them.  Boyfriends out there, give your woman a chance.  She might be able to help when it comes to shopping!  


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