Where there is a cause there is Kenneth Cole…taking a stand to help with the oil spill

Kenneth Cole has a heart of gold…and he’s using it once again to help clean up other people’s messes! 

Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. is launching a custom T-shirt store on its Facebook page to help save the Gulf. Through the month of July 100% of net profits from the sale of the shirts will be donated to AWEARNESS, The Kenneth Cole Foundation to support the Gulf clean-up efforts.

The T-shirts will be sold exclusively through the Kenneth Cole Productions Facebook Page (Kennethcole.com/facebook), and people visiting the site can mix and match 12 slogans, 14 colors, and various different graphic designs to create their own custom shirt. The Gulf clean-up “Kennethisms” include: WE CAN ALL CLEAN UP WELL and I CLEAN UP WELL. T-shirts retail for $35.

“People everywhere need to get behind the Gulf cleanup efforts and by purchasing one of these custom T-shirts everybody can now look good by doing good,” said Kenneth Cole.

The custom T-shirt store will be promoted through a billboard on the West Side Highway at 57th Street which was unveiled the week of June 14, as well as with a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

*100% of net profits will be donated to Awearness, The Kenneth Cole Foundation – A philanthropic, not-for-profit organization that inspires social change and encourages everyone to look good by doing good.


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