Aliona Doletskaya resigns as Editor of Russian Vogue

President of Condé Nast International ,Jonathan Newhouse, has released this statement (courtesy TFS). I will warn you that it is translated from Russia to English with Google so might not be the best…however, you get the point he is trying to make…

“Some time ago, Aliona Doletskaya told me that she would resign as chief editor of Russian Vogue, a position she held for almost 13 years, and start a new life – perhaps write a book or try a new career. Since Russia – as well as the whole world – was still in a difficult economic situation, I asked Aliona to wait until it is more opportune moment.

Today it is obvious that we emerge from the crisis, so I do not want to interfere Aliona plans. With great sadness, I accept her decision to leave the magazine.

It is impossible to overestimate the contribution of Aliona Doletskaya in the development of Russian Vogue. In the late 1990’s culture of glossy magazines in Russia was still low. None of the existing market magazines do not have the necessary understanding of the Vogue fashion, beauty, photography and had expressed a visual language. There was little the journalists who were experts in those fields. All you had to create from scratch. Aliona Doletskaya managed to do this. She has assembled a team has found and nurtured young journalists to set the highest standards of quality and fanatically worked to make Vogue the most beautiful and influential fashion magazine, not only in Russia but also in the world.

Moreover, Aliona Doletskaya itself is the embodiment of Vogue: she is just as charismatic and elegant-on, as published by its journal. Alain is a true style icon, an incarnation of glamor – and in their own country and in international fashion circles.

Aliona Doletskaya is great, but no less magnificent magazine created by it. It appeared in the magazine her talent and dedication. In short, the Vogue – simply the best gloss-st journal in Russia. Twelve years ago, the first cover of September Vogue rooms decorated photographer Mario Testino (Mario Testino). At present the September cover – picture Murtha Alas (Mert Alas) and Marcus Piggot (Marcus Piggott). These photographers, who embody the best there is today in fashion and in a magazine photo. And this is an excellent example of what high standards established in the Russian Vogue Alena.

In the very near future we will announce the name of the new editor of Russian Vogue. The role of Aliona in the formation of the magazine is so unique that in a sense, it is impossible to replace. I thank Aliona for all that she did for the magazine and wish her success of her plans for the future “. 

Ok so most of the statement is horribly translated! Sorry I don’t speak Russian guys…. 


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