Chicos sues Caché: a case of fashion espionage

There’s nothing like a good fashion battle to start the day! Just as we are hearing of Russian spies popping up all around the world, it turns out fashion has it’s own little Mi-5.  WWD reported this morning that Chico’s is suing Caché.  Apparently two former employees of Chico’s moved to Caché  and shared top secret information about the Chico’s brand including information on the forthcoming Autumn Winter Collection.  Naughty, naughty ladies!  If Chico’s win the lawsuit Caché will have to remove all items that appear to come about due to the “insider information.”  Yikes, that would hurt!

Which team are you on? Frankly, I don’t shop in either store but I like a good scandal just like the next lady.


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