Cocosa…taking over our wardrobes one flash sale at a time

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of meeting the brains and beauty (yeah, they pretty much all had both) behind Cocosa.  For those of you just now crawling out of a dark hole, as that’s the only reason you wouldn’t know about Cocosa, let me explain the whole concept to you.  Cocosa is like the famed Wedding Dress Sale in NYC.  You are warned in advance that you have a chance of a lifetime to purchase an item you’ve been coveting for about 80% off the retail price.  So you get your credit cards ready and stand in line with hundreds of other women waiting for the doors to open. The insanity begins and inevitably someone gets hurt. Ah, but here’s the good news…Cocosa is everything up to the part of having to wait and line and put your life at risk…because you do it all online! It’s a members only shopping site, in fact. Once you sign up you can opt in to receive notifications, by email, of forthcoming sales with start times and dates.  When the clock strikes the appropriate hour you log in to the sale and shop “flash style” for your desired items. You have to make heat of the moment purchases because there are thousands of women (275k to be exact) lining up with you to grab the same material.  And once it is gone, it’s gone for good!

Launched in October 2008, Cocosa has seen incredible growth. Before celebrating their two year anniversary they have a lot to pat themselves on the back for.  Their membership grows daily as the word spreads on the outstanding goods regularly on offer. They’ve featured brands such as Ugg, Twenty8Twelve, Alexander McQueen, Vera Wang, See by Chloe, Valentino and Karl Lagerfeld! That is a list to be proud of…and my closet wants a part of it! There really is something for absolutely everyone with over 400 sale events per year featuring over 250 brands.

Here are some facts about the site that made my jaw hit the floor upon reading:

  • Top sales sell 90% of items within the first hour
  • Cocosa’s top customers have purchased over 90 items in less than a year.
  • The fastest selling sale was Alexander McQueen, which sold out in 6 minutes!

You can now see why I am so excited to share this site with you.  Not only do I love it but every single one of their customers has loved the experience they have had with the brand! I should also mention that I am addicted to their packaging which allows you to strut home from work carrying your new purchases and telling the world…”That’s right, I’m a smart shopper.”

Now I must share that Cocosa had commissioned special necklaces from Mawi for us.  I actually did have to pick my jaw up off the sweet marble floor when I saw these pieces! I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Thank you so much, Cocosa!


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