Glamour’s 2010 September Issue will be the heaviest ever!

Ah I love the run up to August. All the glossy magazines have their knickers in a twist waiting for the final page count to come out from all of their competitors. What advertisers spent where? Who got the eight page Tommy Hilfiger campaign? Who got the four page Ralph Lauren pull out?  How much does your magazine weigh? Mine is bigger! It’s the joy of Autumn and I love every single minute of it.

The fists are up and the first announcement is coming from Glamour magazine who have announced that their September issue is the biggest it has been in two years – dropping in at a whopping 400 pages! This may have something to do with the fact that advertisers were forced to purchase in the magazine if they wanted a piece of the Glamour iPad application pie.  In speaking to the New York TimesWilliam J. Wackermann, a Condé Nast senior vice president and the publishing director of Glamour, Brides, Details and W, said “A year ago we were talking about the death of print. Here’s an example of how digital and print can work together, and here are the results it’s producing: the biggest issue in 20 years.” 

Now the big question is will Glamour pull a stunt like they did last September? Remember the picture of Lizzie Miller with the tummy roll (which was of course hilarious as the cover of the issue claimed to have a cure for women who want flat tummies)? That kept them in the media for months and certainly brought the magazine back to life! I can’t wait to see what we have in store…it’s only weeks away now…try to contain your excitement!


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