Is Crystal Renn suffering from an eating disorder again?

Yes, that is Crystal Renn. It’s an ad for “Fashion for Passion.” I am going to fly off the handle here for a minute so just bare with me.  Crystal, you write a book about how wonderful it is to be curvy and how happy you are that you can eat normally and don’t spend hours at the gym. You go on talk shows and speak about how fabulous a size 12 feels. You encourage young girls to be normal. You rack up so much attention from the media that you are instantly a house hold name.  Women look at you and think, “wow, maybe being a size zero isn’t the way things have to be.”  

I look at the picture of you above and all of your credibility has just been completely stripped away.  Have you stopped eating? Are you sick again? Don’t you dare have your PR person once again tell the world that your travelling so much and that’s why you instantly lose weight because we do not have “stupid” written on our foreheads…we know that is PR spin bullshit. You are half the size you were when you wrote “Hungry.” 

I guess what I am trying to say is…making money off of one image and then changing into something completely different just as you are starting to make a difference in the world of fashion is flaky and spineless.

I’m going to end this now.

Disappointed. Unless of course there is something we don’t know. You chose to be a public figure…remind your PR of that and encourage her to tell the truth or get out of the biz.


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