Liz Claiborne Outlet Stores Close up Shop…but there is new life to be found in the brand

Sad news for Liz Claiborne Inc. this morning. It was announced that 87 Liz Claiborne outlet stores would be closing their doors in the US of A! Now before we get all weepy eyed for those who love the recent rebrading of LC…there is good news to come out of the bad here.  LC was losing a lot of money so really none of us must have been shopping there…so no great loss, right?

But there is life after death it seems…A couple of things with LC that we are all sitting up straight to observe are the launches next month of the Liz Clairborne brand in your local J.C. Penney and Liz Claiborne New York for QVC. 

WWD spoke with William L. McComb, chief executive officer of Liz Claiborne Inc., who said, “Our current fleet of Liz Claiborne branded outlet stores was originally designed and leased to handle clearance for many brands in our portfolio — an outdated consumer proposition and one that no longer makes economic sense, given the vast changes we have made to portfolio and business strategy over the past three years.”


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