September 2010 Magazine Covers Announcement

The September Issues are an institution. Every year I travel back to the USA to pick mine up as they are so heavy that a flight to the States cost less than Fedexing them across the pond.  Although, in the past couple of years the issues have been lighter than ever. I have no idea what to expect this year but I am flying in on the 31st of July and I’ll give you all the breakdown completely on each issue! I can’t wait.  I do have one thing to report this morning. WWD posted announcements of the women covering each issue for September. And the winners are:

Jennifer Aniston for Harper’s Bazaar – 2009 was Leighton Meester
Julia Roberts for Elle – 2009 was Jennifer Aniston
Hilary Swank for InStyle – 2009 was Jennifer Lopez
Justin Bieber for Teen Vogue – 2009 was Taylor Momsen
Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair – 2009 was Farah Fawcett

W Magazine will feature a mix of Young Hollywood Starlets – 2009 was Kate Moss
Halle Berry for Vogue – 2009 was Charlize Theron


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