Women’s Wear Daily Cost only one penny one hundred years ago

What would we do without Women’s Wear Daily? It’s the first publication I read online every morning and the last publication I check before going to bed. If there’s something happening in fashion this is where you will read it first.  And in the past one hundred years no other fashion publication has managed to shift power from the giant that is WWD.  You could buy the world of fashion for one cent just a hundred years ago today.  You can’t even buy one cent candy for one cent anymore! 

I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to WWD for persevering through one hundred years at the top.  I learned nearly everything I know about fashion through reading every back issue I could get my hands on as a teenager and I haven’t missed an issue since I was seventeen.  Fashion Foie Gras would be nothing without you and I certainly would be a very different and more shabbily dressed individual! Happy Hundred WWD!


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