Introducing Lee Klabin…a designer that loves women…finally!

This evening I have the great pleasure in introducing you to the designs of Lee Klabin. For some of you this will be a designer you have most likely seen in more than one place but not known which name to credit. When I first opened the Lookbook I immediately recalled seeing these same corsets on Sarah Jessica Parker and Lily Cole.

Let me secure your interest with a quick look at some of the pieces that had me hooked immediately.

A few facts about Lee Klabin:

– Born in Israel in 1979 – other famous fashion figures born in Israel include Alber Elbaz, Bar Refaeli and Isabella Adler.

– Completed a degree in Biomedical Science from Kingston University

– Klabin’s true love is for corsets – in case you couldn’t come to that conclusion after looking at the images above…

I wanted to start at the raw guts of the corset, to play on its constrictive sculpturing aspects and then evolve them into a modern interpretation of femininity. There is, and will always be a strong association between corsetry and seduction playing on our curves. It would almost be ‘un-natural’ to ignore it! Fashion forward thinking is always the key for us. From boning to textile development and digital printing, these are all areas I am constantly exploring. Wherever there is a new abstract and flattering way to evolve, I will pursue it…” Lee Klabin

I am particularly excited to announce that Lee Klabin was just picked up by Harrods in London. The pieces went on sale in July of this year in the first floor Designer Studio. You may remember that some of our biggest designers to date, including Marc Jacobs and Sonya Rykiel, have had their start in Harrods’ Designer Studio. The collection seen at Harrods is all about combining texture and feminity, which is not at all an easy task in fashion. All too often adding too much texture takes away from the strong hourglass shape of a woman’s body. Lee Klabin’s designs do nothing but flatter every curve we are given as women. If you don’t believe me, perhaps you’ll believe Sarah Jessica Parker, Lily Cole or the greatest corset wearer of them all….DITA!

I strongly suggest taking a look at the collection in person and losing yourself in the clothing that makes you feel like an absolutely deadly seductress!


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