Shop Across America Day Four: Kohl’s

Today I hit Kohl’s.  I’m pretty sure they’re all across America. I seem to run into one wherever I go in this great country. Kohl’s has a lot of “designer” lines in store. These include Vera Wang, Daisy Fuentes, Britney Spears for Candies, Lauren Conrad, Dana Buchman, Chaps by Ralph Lauren and many more.  It’s not a store you shop for items of quality. Kohl’s supplies a style you are only going to wear for a month and to events that don’t include fine connoisseurs of fashion. However, you must remember that the whole point of these shopping excursions is to prove that you can look just as good as the next Hollywood starlet without breaking the bank! Kohl’s goes a long way in helping you achieve this goal and I hope that my selections below will demonstrate that fact.  

I will say there were two very clear truths that I came away with today. First of all, the Vera Wang line for Kohl’s is horrible. It’s hyped to be fabulous but really it’s just over priced tat.  Honestly, I would expect more from Vera. She is a rare talent and as such should only put forth the best possible pieces…this is certainly not her best work and cheapens her as a name brand for me.  On the bright side, there was one talent in store that took me by complete surprise – Lauren Conrad.  I mean you don’t really expect a reality TV star to produce anything of consequence but I absolutely love her line! I took pictures in all of her dresses I could find below.  My only complaint is at 6’2 I am way too long to wear her short dresses.  They are fabulous. I would have bought each and every one as they were next to nothing in cost and actually not such bad quality…

Without further ado…here’s my adventure through Kohl’s…


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