Starbucks’ Venti Paper Cup…this Autumn’s must have accessory

The Starbucks Venti Paper Cup is THE MUST HAVE ACCESSORY for Autumn Winter 2010.  But then again, it’s been a staple in the hands of celebrities for years! Have you ever seen a celebrity photographed with any other recognizable cup? It’s like the Louis Vuitton of coffee.  Everyone wants to be seen with one! And I am the worst addict of them all! Every morning I start my day with a Venti skinny wet sugar free vanilla latte.  And you know, I feel damn sexy and powerful walking out the door with that cup of joe in my hand.  I know, I’m a bit sad…but I’m in good company.  

This has been your daily style update from Fashion Foie Gras and for once I didn’t split your credit card! xoxo


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