Boots’ famous No 7 launches a new product that is sure to sell out on day one

Tonight I was invited to attend the launch of a new product line from Boots’ No 7. Every woman in England is familiar with the miracle products of No 7’s Protect and Perfect! This time, however, they’ve given us a range that has a 5-star UVA rated protection! I can’t say that about any of the sunscreens I use at the moment and I certainly didn’t think I would be able to say it about a product that also helps reverse the signs of aging! Tonight I had a crash course on exactly where I am going wrong in my skincare regime and why, at the age of 30, I seem to be looking older and older every day rather than preserving a nice healthy glow.  

Here’s a paragraph that will shock the socks off you…

Experts believe that up to 90% of skin aging is caused by daily exposure to UV rays and 95% of these are made up of UVA, yet new consumer research from No 7 reveals that there is currently widespread lack of understanding amongst women of the role of everyday UVA exposure in premature aging. Amazingly, 78% are unsure of the difference between UVA and UVB and 65% of women only seek out moisturizers with SPF (predominately a measure of UVB protection).

Let me just translate that! We’ve all been using the wrong damn skincare! I’ve been piling on SPF for the past three years thinking it would stop the clocks on my skin! Well, hell bells…it’s not taken care of business!

Alright, here’s another research paragraph you’ll find interesting…(are you on the edge of your seat yet?) 

Experts found that protecting skin all year round from UVA, even through glass, is essential in the fight against ageing. SPF is no longer enough – the highest level of UVA protection (which is 5-star) is needed everyday.  Levels of UVA present in spring and autumn are proven to trigger ageing damage.  Over one third of your UVA exposure occurs between October and May but by protecting the skin from UVA rays on a daily basis the research revealed that women could reduce UV exposure by 75%.

So this is where No 7 comes in to play. They have created a cream that means we don’t have to choose between anti-ageing  and sun protection. We can have both in one cream. We already know that their anti-ageing cream works! I think we all remember the queues outside boots when the Protect and Perfect cream hit the shelves! I am proud to announce that from this Wednesday you can pick up the new No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Day Cream with 5-Star UVA rated protection and SPF 15 in stores! And what has me absolutely thrown is that this cream will be the best that the marketplace has to offer and it is only a fraction of the cost of all other creams being sold – it’s on 21.50 a jar! The promise is better skin in four weeks and they have the results to prove their point!

For those of you in need of some serious protection and perfection, there will be a whole line released that you can purchase from.  The good people at No 7 sent me home this evening with the Protect and Perfect Intense Day Cream, the Intense Night Cream and the Intense Eye Cream.  There will also be a men’s equivalent available and an Intense Body Serum for the die hards! 

As I write this I am laying in bed with the Protect and Perfect Intense Night Cream and Intense Eye Cream on my face.  It gets two thumbs up in all the initial categories. The texture of the cream is substantial in weight yet light as a feather when it dries on your skin… a sign of some good quality product if you ask me. The scent is light and not overwhelming. And an added bonus for me – I didn’t immediately break out in red spots when I put it on…which seems to be happening a lot these days while trying out skin products.  

Of course the proof is in the pudding. If this cream can give me back my youthful glow and keep it there I will swear to use nothing else for as long as I live.  When the researchers at tonight’s meeting told me that I could start treating my skin with these products at aged 40 and use them until I was 80 and only see my skin age 4 years from UV rays in that 40 year time span…well, I was sold.  So now you see why I say this product will sell out. It’s a miracle. Truly a miracle in a jar. Ladies….I’ve found that fountain we’ve been looking for! 


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