Hermes creates a level of leather luxury only

What’s the first thing you think of you when you think of Hermes?  For me, it’s a Birkin bag or a Kelly bag or perhaps a classic belt. Bottom line here, they’re all leather and that’s mostly what I think of when it comes to the brand. They’re known for their wonderous ways with the material and always have been since the birth of the first bag.  That’s why it comes as no surprise to me to hear that Hermes has decided to turn the ground floor of their Madison Avenue Flagship into a leather haven! This means you men, so used to buying your gorgeous silk ties on the ground floor, will have to get a bit of exercise this lunchtime and climb to the first floor!

We’ll go into the store and have a personal sneak ’round for you but until then keep in mind that there’s a special place waiting for your $17,000 cash savings when ready!


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