Neom organics have read my mind…

Maybe it was the recent picture of me looking like I was carrying a full set of Louis Vuitton trunks under my eyes. It could have been the tweets I was sending at 3am by the light of my Apple Mac.  Or it could just be the fact that I’m averaging a ridiculous number of posts on the blog these days. Whatever the case may be, NEOM luxury organics managed to read my mind.  Last night, as I sat typing away reports of New York Fashion Week, I kept thinking I had a new issue of Vogue I hadn’t even cracked and a bathtub waiting to be broken in. I am dying for a bit of pampering.  As I was daydreaming I made a mental note to go to the store today and buy a scented candle and some bath salts just for the occasion. I even put the October issue of Vogue next to the bathtub as I left the house this morning. This evening (after the Armani event) I was going to pamper until I couldn’t pamper anymore. So, this is were the story gets interesting. Five minutes ago I received a box at the office…

And I swear you will not believe me when I show you what was in the box….Have PRs invaded my brain or am I just that obvious?

I swear when I opened the box I felt like I had opened a fresh Spring garden. Hello, earth to Emily, have you been living a hole for all these years? How have I lived without NEOM?  You may remember I wrote about their lovely candles that are used in Browns Hotel in London but this collection of tranquility scents is on another level completely.  I’ll go ahead and apologize now for not blogging a great deal this evening. I will be relaxing in a big hot bath with candles burning and Vogue in hand. It is, as you all know, the night before London Fashion Week. I’m going to need as much calm as I can get before this storm starts raging!

Thanks you NEOM! I don’t know how you knew but you’ve done good!


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