Accessorize is crossing the pond and coming to America!

Eight years ago, when I announced to my University friends that I was moving to London they all started talking a million miles an hour about how I was going to adore the limitless options for shopping in the big smoke! As they begin listing stores one after one..there was a store that every single girl agreed was a “must visit.”  Of course I’m talking about Accessorize.  The store here in the UK is legendary.  Their stock changes as often as the trends on the street and they are always right on the money with their creations. 

Well, this post is for my American girlfriends, both old and new. I have a little present for you this Friday afternoon! Accessorize is opening in America! I just received the press release and I have to admit I made two phone calls to the USA before posting. Some news is too good to hold in! 

I’ve even been giving a sneak peek at what’s in store for the Holiday season in America.  So here’s just a glimpse of some goodies to save up for!

Happy Shopping!!!


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