Crystal Renn: New pictures that will surely cause us all to say “plus size, where?”



Images of Crystal Renn in the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar have just come online.  I’ll leave you to go and explore all the images. However, I just wanted to share a few that prove a certain point: Crystal Renn is now a “regular” size model. I don’t want to see “curvy” or “plus size” near her name from this point on. I am happy for Crystal as I think she may be at a point where she can balance a healthy exercise plan and diet and not get super skinny. She looks absolutely gorgeous, I only hope she doesn’t lose anymore.  

For those of you familiar with Crystal Renn’s story you will know that she battled a horrible eating disorder and workout addiction. She rose to fame after giving up on trying to stay stick thin and became the world’s most famous plus-size model. Many of her fans have turned their backs on her in recent months after Crystal slimmed down to a much smaller size.  If this is where she is healthy and happiest then I say, “work it, Crystal.” I do wonder if this is happiness or fashion peer pressure…of course we’ll never know.  But she seems to be opening up the door for models that are a little bit bigger than a size zero…so it’s a move in the right direction that I support. It seems the glossy magazines are in the same camp as they can’t get enough of her!


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