Dinner at Ralph’s at Ralph Lauren in Paris

 This is the story of how an online fashion and luxury journalist traveled to Paris and gained ten pounds in one dinner sitting. Alright, maybe that’s not the whole truth. But it is certainly how I felt after overindulging to the max at Ralph Lauren’s new restaurant, Ralph’s, in Paris.  After one glance at the menu I knew no diets would be remembered on that night.  Ralph had included all of my favourite American dishes on the menu and I had been lusting after a great steak since the last time I was in North Carolina.  The only disappointment was not finding the $18 hot dog that Derek Blasberg had tweeted about over fashion week. We were so looking forward to seeing what an $18 hot dog looks like.

It was, however, a quick recover from the let down.  There was no question in our minds that we would have to have the steak as we were told the meat is sourced from Ralph Lauren’s very own ranch.  I thought of it as a piece of home being delivered to my table right there in Paris, France.

Let me back up a minute. We began our evening sipping a champagne cocktail in the courtyard. Despite the terrible weather, we huddled under an umbrella on a warm outdoor couch and managed to thoroughly enjoy the sound of the rain beating against the canvas above our heads.

 As we headed inside at about 7:45 the restaurant was coming alive. By 8:30 the entire house was full and there was a definite buzz as Parisian society filled the tables around us.  As each table arrived to be seated all the surrounding tables would love up to see who was presented to the crowd next. This is definitely a “go to be seen” sort of place. However, I had the feeling it wasn’t all about the “scene.” I was proven right when the first course arrived at the table. I had ordered the grilled jumbo shrimp for a starter. The shrimp were perfectly seasoned and nearly as large as my fist. And these were definitely American portions as I could barely finish what they had put in front of me.

As we had both ordered steak for our main we asked the Sommelier to pick out a moderately priced red to accompany our selections. His choice of vineyard and vintage could not have been better and complimented the entire meal perfectly.

For my main, I had the Double RL Steak. Kristin and I had to control ourselves when the steak arrived on the table.  I have never seen so much meat in my life! Had my boyfriend been there he would have been in heaven. I just sat there thinking I would do my very best to tackle the situation, however the steak proved to be too much for me in the end and it won with several pieces remaining on the plate.  It was delicious but too much! My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach on this occasion.

 We couldn’t leave without reporting back to you on desserts.  I ordered the New York Cheesecake which was heaven on porcelain! Kristin ordered the brownie and ice cream which was the clear winner and something you simply much indulge in next time you are in Paris! It’s a meal in itself and well worth saving room for!

I would like to thank Ralph Lauren and the whole team for giving us such an amazing experience! We will be back!


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