An evening with ila and founder of the brand, Denise Leicester

Last week I had the great pleasure of spending an evening with Denise Leicester as she walked us through her new collection of skincare called Glowing Radiance. I came into the meeting blind. I’d never heard of ila before and was never a person that cared much about whether or not my skincare was organic or pure chemicals. I usually just throw whatever is on the counter on to my face. I know, tisk, tisk to me.  After having spent an hour of my life listening to Denise Leicester, I’m afraid that all has to change for me.  Denise has put me under a spell. Her soothing voice and gentle nature could probably sell a speedo to an eskimo, but the product she has developed and currently sells would attract clientele with or without Denise’s fantastic “product-side manner”.  It truly is that amazing.

Let’s start with the basics about ila.  One of the most important parts of this skincare is its ingredients. They are all from plants or minerals and nearly everything is organic! Denise Leicester, however, takes her product line to a new level of “organic”.  Denise travelled the earth looking for ways to make her skincare “beyond organic’.  This means supporting people who have a great relationship with Mother Earth, creating great relationships with these people and bringing great products to share in the market place. Everyone that is involved in the product comes out a winner.   Ingredients for the products come from Morocco, India and Pakistan and are all brought to Denise’s barn in the Cotswolds. Here, they are mixed together and each ingredient is given a new role in life…to make your face and spirit glow! 

I’m not going to go into too much detail here as I am going to try to plan a trip to spend some more time with Denise and see the laboratory in the Cotswolds next year.  I will just say this. I was given product samples of the new Glowing Radiance range and not only does my skin look amazing, but Denise was right, my whole energy field has changed. It’s as if someone has drawn a curtain off of my face and it’s allowed to breath and shine in everyday groggy London town again.  

If you know a friend or relative that’s feeling a bit down and overwhelmed and their face is starting to show it, this is a product that is a double healer. It makes you feel alive and it gives your skin that youthful glow that life has sucked out of it as of late!

More to come so stay tuned…


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