Olay’s Big British Beauty Poll results are in!

You may remember a while ago I wrote about a poll that Olay was conducting in the UK.  I encouraged you all to get involved and take part in the survey that would give us all, in the industry, a lot of answers about how women think when it comes to beauty. Olay started the survey because of the common complaint from women that beauty companies weren’t listening to what we had to say as consumers.  Well, 20,000 of you came forward to take part and the results are in.

Here are the highlights of what was discovered:

  • Classic beauties reign supreme as Audrey Hepburn voted most iconic beauty of all time When asked, ‘which celebrity do you consider to be the most iconic beauty of all time? Women voted Audrey Hepburn their top choice, followed by Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Twiggy. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Cheryl Cole were three of the most popular new faces in top ten.
  • When asked, ‘What makes you trust an anti-ageing skin care product?’ 65% of women voted ‘Trusted Brand Name’ as top one and two main motivators behind anti-ageing purchases. 62% put ‘Clinically Proven to Work through Research’ in top-two with women ranking celebrity endorsement as a much lower factor.
  • 50% of women vote youthful looking skin top most important beauty attribute, with less than 10% voting a toned body, bright eyes, shiny-looking hair or teeth as their top choice.
  • When asked, ‘approximately how much would you estimate you spend on beauty products each month?’ Not including treatments at a salon, the average monthly spend across all age groups was £23. This figure decreased over the age of 44, with younger women prepared to pay more.

Olay also sent 13,000 women their new Olay Regenerist 3-Point Super Serum.  The results from this trial were astounding with 98% of the women saying they would recommend the Serum to a friend. Not bad, not bad at all! After all, a recommendation from a girlfriend is the best recommendation you can get!

In case you missed out on the chance to have your say in the Big British Beauty Poll, there’s still a chance to get your two cents in…

To provide women with another chance to have their say on all things beauty or to interact with a panel

of leading beauty experts, Olay is conducting their first ever live wavecast over the internet. Details as


Date – Thursday 25th November 2010

Time – 16:00

Visit – www.olaybigbritishbeautypoll.co.uk


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