Vero Moda opens on Oxford Street in London today

This morning I woke up earlier, much earlier in fact, than usual to get a pre-opening glimpse of Vero Moda on Oxford Street.  You may recall that earlier last month Vero Moda and FFG had a competition to give away three golden bags to readers! Well the readers won their bags and this morning they were able to jump the queue (of roughly 200 women) to shop for three items to fill their golden bag!  I was also given an opportunity to go into the store and have a peek around before the crowds took over.  There were a lot of fashion hungry women who had been waiting on the cold pavement for hours to get into the store.  I really wanted to link arms with one of them and just bring them in!  But alas, I had a job to do and so I began snapping away at the interesting decor and clothing that filled the store.  I can only imagine what the store looked like after 150 women with golden bags rushed in to claim their free items! I’m hoping Vero Moda will post disaster pictures on their facebook page tonight!

Here’s a look at what I discovered in store at Vero Moda, Oxford Street, today…


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