A Christmas present to remember: A Cartier Charity Love Bracelet

There are a few moments in life you remember forever: your first kiss, the first time you fell in love, the moment you felt your heart break for the first time and of course the moment you realize there is only one person who you want to spend the rest of your life with.  In between those moments, there are retail moments that also make for lasting memories.  When it comes to gifts from loved ones…you usually either get it spot on or it goes horribly wrong. As I write about the things I love for a living, it’s pretty easy to find out what will make me happy.  However, I believe the boyfriend sometimes has moments when he questions the reasoning behind a $650 shoe or a $1,200 handbag. Hell, even I question it. I never, however, expect him to give into the madness and splurge on expensive gifts for me.  Truly, the moments that mean the most are the random times when you look at one another and realize how good you’ve got it. Well, for the first time ever, Mr. A left me speechless.  As I am headed to the USA today we decided to exchange gifts early this year. I had put together a really sentimental gift that didn’t cost very much but took me hours to create.  I was expecting something small and sentimental from the man.  Well, what I received was small and sentimental but also, for the first time in my life, it literally left me with my jaw on the floor and an inability to form sentences. Mr. A had bought me a Cartier Charity Love Bracelet. And now, of course, I have to write about this gorgeous most perfect little item that will never leave my wrist. The whole Cartier experience is out of this world…I think these pictures will explain it all perfectly…


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