Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2010…relaxed chic reigns supreme

There are a handful of women in this world who I would exchange wardrobes with in a New York minute. Incidentally, Donna Karan is the number one New Yorker on my list for wardrobe envy. One look at her style presented for the Pre-Fall 2011 show would explain everything you need to know as to why. Donna Karan most definitely designs clothes for us all but more importantly she seems to take into account what she herself would wear.  When you throw on a Donna Karan dress you are dressing like Donna Karan.  And who wouldn’t want to look like this New York style royal? 

Karan’s Pre-Fall Collection was divided into a laid back beginning with a more structured and sophisticated finished yet each garment had Donna Karan written all over it. Not literally, of course. This wasn’t some terrible logo frenzy like something you would see in a rap video these days. Karan’s logo and trademark is in making relaxed, laid back and comfortable clothing look sexy and stylish. When you see that in a garment you know exactly which house it was designed by. I couldn’t help but think of Mad Max while watching this show. Nothing was dirty or dishelved but the colours, the layering and the leather and fur combinations spoke to something rugged.  

I can honestly say there was not one piece throughout the entire show that I didn’t fall in love with immediately.

Here’s a look at some of my favourites.


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