An evening with Lady Gaga in London

There’s so much I don’t know about Lady Gaga.  I have to start with that because I want the “little monsters” to know that when they read this post. I am admitting I am no expert. In fact, I knew little more than a few of her lyrics before attending last night’s show at the O2 Arena in London. I was presented with the opportunity to sit VIP front row for last night’s event and after having watched Lady Gaga with great curiosity over the past year, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to see her live and in action.

Ladies and gentleman, I am a convert to the religion of Gaga. This woman is incredible on about a thousand different levels.  After the first song, Gaga started talking to her fans and one couldn’t help but feel as if this was a female Tony Robbins in the spotlight.  At one point she encourages the crowd to embrace their freakish nature because “we are the normal ones” and she claims she locked the O2 doors and kept all of those that weren’t invited to the monster ball out in the cold! At every turn she was encouraging each attendee to love themselves and care little for what anyone else thinks.  Yes, she did this with a few F-bombs thrown in, but the crowd hung on her every word.  The message she was sending was clear and I was surrounded by people that couldn’t hear enough of it.  I was totally cynical in the beginning wondering why I was listening to a woman tell me how to better myself when I had come to be entertained with dancing and music. But as the concert progressed, I began to see that Lady Gaga is like no other celebrity on earth.  She is not on that stage to be in the spotlight and have adoring fans falling at her feet. She is on that stage for her fans, for her “little monsters.”  When she spoke  of her adoration for her fans she continually had tears in her eyes. She wants them all to be happy and fulfilled and she wants her music and presence to help in this process. This was no act and if it was, she should quit singing and go directly to Hollywood.

However, to give up such an amazing voice would be a great shame.  Gaga’s voice is from another world! Honestly, you would think she was lip syncing. She cleared that up for all of us half way through the show when she claimed to be one of the only pop stars who has never in her career lip synced! Truly, this woman is an amazing talent. I didn’t want the show to end. 

From a fashion perspective her outfits were a show on their own (Giorgio Armani has signed up to design all the outfits for her tour starting in Feb 2011).  Each change brought about a new style that was both outrageous and beautiful. Rachael Barrett’s nun dress made an appearance, famous for the “x” marks over Gaga’s breasts and it’s clear latex “fabric”. She also wore Keko Hainswheeler Boots. I’m sure there were about a dozen other designers I don’t know of or didn’t recognize, all fabulous in their own way, on display last night.

All in all, it was a night to remember. I left with a new found respect for Lady Gaga and an urge to learn more. I’ve downloaded all of her music and I’m investigating a full style report to bring you later so keep an eye out…. Here are some images from last night’s show.


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